Global opportunities for sports marketing and consultancy services
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Global opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services to 2022

Executive Summary

This Report is in two parts: the first section deals with the description and dynamics of the UK sports marketing and consultancy services sector.

The second section examines the top 55 one-off global sports events outside of the UK that offer an opportunity for incremental new business across 24 global markets based on an assessment of current sports events, host bids and sports infrastructure construction projects in each of these markets.

Research conducted for this Report estimates the value of the UK sports marketing and consultancy sector to be worth GBP550-GBP750m a year.  On a blended growth rate of 7% over the next decade, it is predicted that the UK sector will be worth in excess of GBP1bn.

Compound Annual Growth Rate of the UK sector (2013-2022)

UK sports marketing annual growth rate
Over the last decade, the expansion of the UK sector has been driven in part by the powerful way that sport can engage with desired market and customer segments on a global basis.

The phenomenal success of the London 2012 Olympic Games put a spotlight on the strength, global experience and talent of the UK sports marketing and consultancy sector in its ability to reach these global audiences.

At the same time, the proliferation of media devices has led to a fragmentation of audiences for mass media such as network television, radio and newspapers. As a result, this has created fresh challenges for media owners, rights holders and brand owners. What is now the best way to reach desired customer segments when the media landscape is so fragmented and mass media channels are in decline?

As this Report demonstrates, at the heart of future success in engaging with desired audience and customer segments on a global basis is sports and entertainment content.

Today’s generation of fans and consumers expect to be entertained and have more options available to them than they did even six months ago. They want to be involved in a deeper way and they also want to be kept informed, 24/7.

Sport is still the most compelling piece of entertainment content that can deliver global audiences across all media - online as well as offline. A key factor is sport’s ability to deliver emotion, excitement, engagement and loyalty in a way that many other entertainment options available to a younger generation struggle to deliver.

Sport is not formulaic or predictable as the outcome is not always capable of being predicted. UK sports industry flowchart

This is what gives sport its high excitement and entertainment value par excellence.

The UK sector is part of a sports and entertainment eco-system  where sports and entertainment content sits at the heart of that eco-system; fed by sports rights holders, sports bodies and Government; brand owners and of course sports fans and consumers from around the world.

And it is this eco-system that fuels the future success of the UK sector of sports marketing agencies and advisors; marketing services providers and infrastructure, technology and logistics companies based in the UK.

This Report analysed 163 diverse businesses  that collectively make up the core of UK sports marketing and consultancy services sector. This was a challenging exercise in itself as the UK sector is highly fragmented and the vast majority of companies are small-medium size with a turnover of under GBP3m and so in many cases do not file full accounts at Companies House.

The businesses that make up the UK sector are incredibly diverse; ranging from IMG, the world’s largest sports and entertainment marketing company; CSM Sports and Entertainment, one of the UK’s fastest growing marketing groups and Populous, an award-winning global firm of venue and stadium architects that have successfully developed a world-class brand activation and experiential marketing business on the side.

The sector also includes not-so-big companies, such as Gloucestershire-based PKL, a world leader in the supply of temporary kitchens and catering equipment for major events; 4 global, a major event and sports business consultancy with a global footprint through to Manchester-based start-up Sustainability Events that advises games’ organisers around the world on how to successfully adopt the ISO 20121 sustainability management system for events as inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games.

These and other remarkable businesses ‘fly the flag’ for the UK in developed and fast growing markets around the world that recognise sport as being a major factor for building enhanced global reputation, attracting inward investment and an increase in tourism that make a significant contribution to the growth of these economies.

The success of the UK sector in working in these markets is a fantastic success story for ‘UK Plc’ and there is evidence that this will translate into new employment opportunities, particularly for those who are looking to start a career in the sector and have strong marketing and social media skills and experience to offer.

According to the research for this Report, global market opportunities are estimated to be worth GBP5.9bn (2013-22)1.
Global market opportunities - sports business service companies

However, the main growth drivers of the UK sector over the next decade are not necessarily in those markets with the largest number of one-off sports events but those that offer the most valuable opportunities for the UK sector. The research shows that one-off sports events in Qatar, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and France are the top five markets for incremental new business for the UK sector over the next decade.

Top five countries for new business opportunities over the next decade

top five countries for new sports business in next decade

These values for new business are likely to increase if further sports events are awarded to the countries on this list, particularly if any succeed in hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games2  or the 2022 Winter Olympic Games3.

1 Operational and infrastructure budgets for one-off global sports events are estimated to be worth £222.3bn of which £5.9bn is expected to be spent on sports marketing and consultancy services.

2 Three cities have made a bid: Istanbul, Tokyo  and Madrid. The International Olympic Committee will elect the host city on 7 September 2013 at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3 Many cities are now exploring the possibility of bidding. The bidding calendar was announced by the IOC in October 2012, with the application deadline set on 14 November 2013. The host city will be elected on 31 July 2015 at the 127th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2014, Russia  will host the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and in 2018 it will host the FIFA World Cup and has embarked on a massive building p

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