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ISBN: 978-1-905685-08-0
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Activation & Case Studies


IMR reports are reviewed by independent commentators from the sports marketing and media industries. 

Review from the European Sponsorship Association Newsletter

They say that all good things come in threes and never has this aphorism been proven more correct than in the recent publication of Simon Rines’ long awaited report on Activation that completes his epic trilogy on the inner workings and machinations of the sponsorship industry.
Industry “experts” have already had their knowledge and interest levels enhanced with Volumes 1 and 2 which focused upon European Sports Marketing Data and Strategy and Research respectively. The final tome now fills in all the gaps with an in-depth analysis of sponsor activity, innovation and best practice in terms of sponsorship activation.
Rines has managed to pull together a comprehensive list of blue riband brands such as E.ON , Allied Irish Bank, Capgemini, Carling, Ariel, Coca-Cola and Mastercard.
All of them have provided voluminous details and information on how they implemented and activated sponsorship programmes around such activities as Euro 2008, The Ryder Cup, 5 Oceans Race and the Football League.
What is more, not only are their specific tactics and activation programmes described in great deal, Rines has also managed to tease actual results and evaluation from what is normally a most cautious and reticent crowd.
In order to make this report even easier to use and dip into, it is divided into sections each of which focus upon a specific area such as:
• Team Sponsorship

• Event Sponsorship

• Endorsements

• Naming Rights

• Technology Sponsorship


• PR

• Sales Promotion

• Hospitality

• Signage

• Merchandsing

• Field Marketing

This is truly a comprehensive and enlightening guide to best practice and no serious practitioner or student of the industry whether he or she work for a sponsor, rights holder or agency can afford to be without it.


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