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in the sponsorship industry. Over the past fifteen years, sponsorship has been transformed from what was essentially a ‘media buy’ to an important business platform. Sponsorship offers companies the opportunity to meet a wide range of objectives including marketing, internal and B2B communication and investor relationship building.

The advent of social media has seen sponsorship become a key tool in reaching target consumers in a fragmented and ultra-competitive media environment. The industry has grown to be worth more than $45 billion per year in rights fees alone with an estimated similar amount invested in rights activation.

Despite the growing global economic crisis, sponsorship continues to grow as companies understand the return on investment is both measurable and proven.

A major industry, however, requires market intelligence and to date the supply has been both sporadic and incomplete. Sponsorship Today changes that. It gives sponsors, rights holders and agencies a clear picture of the state of the market, demonstrates the trends and forecasts the changes to come.

By focussing on a new sector each month, it is now possible to get in-depth analysis on the key sectors that allows clear decision making.
The format and pricing structure of Sponsorship Today means that high level market intelligence is accessible to a larger business community. Traditionally such reports had to be commissioned as one-off projects at a cost of thousands of dollars a time. The reports are now available at a fraction of that cost.

The value of the reports goes beyond the specific sector intelligence of each individual edition. Over time, the reports build into a comprehensive database of deals and analysis and sponsors and rights holders can identify trends and values in the industry regardless of the specific topic.

Sponsorship Today is a reflection of the hard work undertaken by the industry as a whole and demonstrates that sponsorship has truly come of age.

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