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ISBN: 978-1-905685-07-3
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To purchase this report as a pdf or print issue
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Sponsorship Strategy & Research


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The report is aimed at sponsors, rights holders and agencies needing to make sponsorship sales, acquisitions and activation measurable, efficient and profitable.

Sponsorship evaluation has become increasingly sophisticated. This report shows how campaigns are planned, how rights fees are valued, and success is measured.

Best practice examples are provided by the leading research experts in Europe. They include Sports Marketing Surveys, Ipsos, Redmandarin, BMRB, SPORT+MARKT, IEG and Echo Research.

With 119 charts and tables and case studies from e.g. Vodafone, Volvo Ocean Race, Formula One and Bayern Munich, the report is the most detailed on the subject produced to date.

Analysis covers the seven key areas of sponsorship strategy and research.

1. Sponsorship Strategy
2. Pre-Research and Sponsorship Fit
3. Sponsorship Valuation
4. The Role of the Rights Holder
5. Sponsorship Media Evaluation
6. Sponsorship Tracking
7. Sponsorship Return on Investment Evaluation

The report follows the progression of a sponsorship. For each sponsorship research subject there is a full explanation of state-of-the-art methodology. This includes examples of how data is measured and reported. It shows what clients can expect from the data and how it is used in the decision making process.

For many years, the sponsorship industry has been accused of failing to offer realistic measurement tools. Critics complained that vast budgets were being spent on rights acquisition with no effective methods of measuring success. This new report shows that new techniques have been developed to analyse every aspect of sponsorship from finding the right property and meeting brand objectives, to measuring return on investment (see news).

How this report will help you

For anyone using research when considering whether to sponsor, what to sponsor or when measuring sponsorship effectiveness, the report offers an invaluable insight into how to get the best from the process.

The report shows when and how sponsorship research should be carried out and describes best practice in the many different areas. It allows you to ask the right questions of the sponsorship research agency.  This helps you to pick the best agency for your needs, save time, save money and leads to a better understanding of how the sponsorship has worked. This in turn creates success for your sponsorship programmes whether you are a rights buyer or seller.

Strategy & Research is part two of the report Driving Business Through Sport (2nd edition).

Part 1: European Sports Marketing Data

Part 3: Activation &Case Studies

Together the reports provide a complete overview of the European sponsorship industry and practical advice on every aspect of sponsorship planning, research and activation. All three parts can be purchased for £650.

About the Author

Simon Rines has worked in the marketing communications industry for more than 20 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed and best selling report Driving Business Through Sport (edition one) and co-author of Football Sponsorship & Commerce.

He is publisher of The International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship and is a regular commentator on the sponsorship industry at international events and in the media.

He has had articles published in Sport Business, Hollis Sponsorship Newsletter, Marketing Week, Marketing, Campaign, Sunday Business, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Director International, Marketing Business, Sales Promotion and Incentive Today.

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