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ISBN: 978-1-905685-00-4
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Football Sponsorship & Commerce


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The report outlines detailed, practical strategies for increasing commercial revenue in football clubs and maximising benefits to sponsors. Expert analysis and in-depth case studies show how football clubs can dramatically increase revenues through sponsorship, fan recruitment, community development, 7-day a week stadium use, monetising the fan base, merchandising and third party relationships.

For sponsors, the report shows how different types of sponsorship can be activated and provides an invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by football rights holders.

21 detailed case studies include how:

  • Northampton Town used research to triple sponsorship income.
  • Norwich City implemented a fan recruitment programme that grew attendance levels despite the club's declining league form
  • Nationwide leveraged its involvement with the England Football Team to get benefits that many bigger sponsors couldn't achieve.
  • Watford caters to fans who consider that its community involvement is just as important as winning matches
  • Leicester City increased stadium turnover by millions through facility design and branding
  • St Pauli developed a unique brand identity that drove commercial revenue
  • Charlton Athletic secured funding to keep the stadium busy and profitable throughout the week instead of just on match days
  • Avaya used its sponsorship of the World Cup to boost awareness among executives and IT decision makers worldwide.

Further case studies include: Hyundai, Yahoo, Carlsberg, NEC Nijmegen, Juventus, Olympiakos, Avon Insurance, Aberdeen F.C, Arsenal, O2, Plymouth Argyle, MasterCard and Nantes-Atlantique.

About the authors

Louella Miles
Louella Miles is a business journalist who has specialised in sponsorship for the past 20 years. Former managing editor of Marketing magazine, she is author of Perfect Marketing (Random House), Successful Sport Sponsorship: Lessons from Football (International Forum of Sponsorship) and What Price Corporate Reputation? (Management Today).

Simon Rines
Simon Rines has worked in the sponsorship industry as a journalist and publisher since 1998. He is the founder of IMR and author of Driving Business Through Sport (editions 1 and 2), widely acclaimed as the best ever report on the industry. Prior to working in the sponsorship industry, he was a marketing journalist working for such titles as Marketing, Marketing Week and Campaign the Daily Telegraph, the Observer and Sunday Business.

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