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European Sports Marketing Data


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The most comprehensive presentation of sports marketing and sponsorship data ever released in Europe. For professionals seeking data or an understanding of the European sponsorship market, fan behaviour, the European sports TV landscape or sports popularity, this 442-page report with 506 charts and tables is the answer.

"A must-have tool for all those working in the sponsorship industry"
European Sponsorship Association Newsletter

Report features

• 2000+ sponsorship deals
• European sponsorship analysed by country, sport, industry sector
• 3000+ sports publications
• Sports TV viewing from 16 countries
• Popularity of sport from 15 countries includes gender, age and socio-economic breakdowns
• European TV rights deals listed
• European TV channel market share
• Attendance at European sports events

Report structure

1. Sponsorship in Europe

More than 2,000 sponsorship deals in Europe listed including all sponsors for:

FIFA World Cup, Champions League, Olympics, UEFA Cup, Euro 2008, English Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, La Ligue, Formula One, Tour de France, MotoGP, DTM, Guinness Premiership, Top 14, Super 10, America's Cup, Velux Ocean Race, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe, ECB/County Cricket, PGA European Tour, ITF/ATP/WTA tennis, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, IAAF, EAA, Rugby League (England/France), Europe's major marathons, snooker and the FIS.

Data is analysed by:
• Country
• Sport
• Industry sector
• Sponsorship type
• Source of sponsorship spend by country

Trends are identified and forecasts for industry change presented (see news)

2. Sport on television in Europe

An analysis of sports TV coverage in 16 countries. Includes top 100 sports broadcasts in each country.

Each country's TV landscape is analysed, listing all major channels' market share and average viewing time per citizen. Major markets analysed by declared interest in sport on television.

A comprehensive list of TV rights in Europe - rights holders, rights sold, value and contract duration (where available). Covers all major sports in Europe.

3. Sport in print in Europe

More than 3,000 of Europe's leading sports publications from 12 countries are listed, with circulation, publication frequency and publication profile.

4. Interest in sport in Europe

A detailed analysis of declared interest in sport from a survey of more than 300,000 participants in eight of Europe's leading markets.

Data is presented in-depth according to sports popularity by general declared interest, gender, age and socio-economic status.

Also includes analysis of attitudes to sponsorship in Europe's major markets.

5. Attendance of sport in Europe

A listing and analysis of attendance at sports events in Europe.

Driving Business Through Sport

European Sports Marketing Data is part of the three part report, Driving Business Through Sport.

Part 2. Strategy & Research

Part 3. Activation & Case Studies

All three parts are available individually or as a set at the discounted price of £650.

About the author

Simon Rines has worked in the marketing communications industry for more than 20 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed and best selling report Driving Business Through Sport (edition one) and co-author of Football Sponsorship & Commerce.

He is publisher of The International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship and is a regular commentator on the sponsorship industry at international events and in the media.

He has had articles published in Sport Business, Hollis Sponsorship Newsletter, Marketing Week, Marketing, Campaign, Sunday Business, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Director International, Marketing Business, Sales Promotion and Incentive Today.

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