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ISBN: 978-1-905685-21-9
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports Sponsorship


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The report is designed to help businesses use sport to fulfil their CSR obligations. With best practice case studies and contributions from global industry experts, the report looks at the background of CSR in business and the benefits to organisations of linking their CSR programmes to sport.

With businesses needing to develop or fulfill CSR programmes, but little expertise available to draw on, this report provides vital information. It shows how to shape strategy, provides ideas for implementation, describes how CSR can be evaluated and, importantly, it steers the user clear of risk.

The report provides the answers to the key questions:
• CSR in business - where sport should sit within a wider CSR strategy?
• How can linking CSR to sport can add value to the brand, business and the rights holder?
• How should the rights holder help business fulfil its CSR obligations?
• Why must CSR activity have integrity and transparency?
• How does sport differ from other sectors clamouring for CSR budgets?
• How CSR activity is helping to fund grass roots sport and increase participation?
• What can sport learn from other sectors and how it is viewed among CSR practitioners?
• How companies with problem messages have used CSR and sport?

Report structure

Introduction 1.
Why corporate social responsibility should not be a distraction if you are serious about marketing

Introduction 2.
The changing face of corporate social responsibility and sports marketing

Section 1.  
Why sponsors need a CSR strategy linked to sport

Section 2.  
How a CSR programme relating to sport can add value to the sponsor and the rights holder

Section 3. 
The role of the rights holder in CSR

Section 4. 
How to link CSR to sport and avoid the pitfalls       Free sample avoiding sport/CSR pitfalls

Case studies include:

  • CORUS and British Triathlon Federation
  • McCain / UK Athletics
  • Nike and GameChangers
  • Standard Chartered Bank and Race For The Living Planet
  • Betfair and SportsAid
  • Women’s British Open Golf, Ricoh and Seeds for Africa
  • Aviva / UK Athletics
About the author

Steve Hemsley has worked as a marketing journalist for more than 15 years. He has written extensively for Marketing Week, The Financial Times and The Guardian among many other publications on marketing and sponsorship issues. He is also a former sports editor at Kent Messenger Group Newspapers.


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