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ISBN: 978-1-905685-08-0
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Activation & Case Studies


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The report analyses best practice in every aspect of sponsorship activation offering practical advice and case studies from Europe's best sponsors. It shows how new technology can be used to enhance traditional activation disciplines such as merchandising, public relations and sales promotion. It analyses the growth in digital activation techniques with clear examples of how to get dramatic results through viral campaigns.

raditional techniques are reviewed, showing how they can be enhanced through new thinking and technology. There is also a review of the growing importance of CSR and experiential marketing being used to maximise the impact of sponsorship. 

Case studies feature detailed objectives, strategies and actual results achieved by the contributing sponsors.

The report is split into eleven sections, six of which analyse sponsorship by type:

1. Team    (case study: E.On/Ipswich Town)
2. Event     (case study: Bank of Ireland/Ryder Cup)
3. Individual   (case study: Shock Absorber/Anna Kournikova)
4. Technology  (case study: Capgemini/Rugby World Cup)
5. Naming Rights   (case study: Allianz/Bayern Munich)
6. Grassroots/CSR  (case study:Tesco/Football Association)

Five sections analyse the key activation techniques:

1. Sales promotion  (case studies: Ariel/LTA & Tim Henman, Coca-Cola/Football League)
2. Public relations  (case study: Carling/Amateur football, Velux/Round the World Race)
3. Hospitality  (case study: Snickers/Olympic Games)
4. Merchandise (case study: MasterCard/FIFA World Cup
5. Events and field marketing (case studies Red Bull, Samsung/Chelsea, UK Govt / British   Superbikes)

Promotional video for Carling's Amateur football project - see full case study in the report

Activation & Case Studies is part three of the report Driving Business Through Sport (2nd edition).

Part 1: European Sports Marketing Data

Part 2: Strategy & Research

Together the reports provide a complete overview of the European sponsorship industry and practical advice on every aspect of sponsorship planning, research and activation. All three parts can be purchased for £650.

About the author

Simon Rines has worked in the marketing communications industry for more than 20 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed and best selling report Driving Business Through Sport (edition one) and co-author of Football Sponsorship & Commerce.

He is publisher of The International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship and is a regular commentator on the sponsorship industry at international events and in the media.

He has had articles published in Sport Business, Hollis Sponsorship Newsletter, Marketing Week, Marketing, Campaign, Sunday Business, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Director International, Marketing Business, Sales Promotion and Incentive Today.

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