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International Sports Federations


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With more than 400 deals listed and containing 41 charts and tables, this new 48-page report is the most in-depth analysis of the sports federation sponsorship market to date.

The report examines the overall market and looks at issues confronting federations in general as well as analysis of specific rights holders.

Key issues identified include:

  •     Sponsorship rights showing polarity
  •     Soccer is the biggest earner
  •     Federations need to be proactive to retain sponsors
  •     IOC needs to consider sponsorship structure
  •     FIFA and UCI need to move on from scandals
  •     Consumer electronics and telecoms causing confusion
  •     Small federations need to learn lessons from FIFA, IOC etc

The report is essential reading for international sponsors, sports federations and agencies It provides a concise analysis of all of the key issues, answering the following questions:

  •     Who are the top earning federations?
  •     What are the deal values?
  •     Which companies and brand categories are taking rights?
  •     Where is the money coming from?
  •     What is the impact of the BRIC companies?
  •     How will the market change?

News release: International federations earn $2 billion from sponsors

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