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ISBN: 978-1-905685-28-8
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Naming rights - Global sponsorship analysis


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The report examines the market by country, by sport and by sponsoring industry. It lists values or estimates for all 548 global deals and durations for the majority.

Key issues identified include:

  • Global market worth $750 million per year
  • US market worth more than half the total
  • American Football and basketball on average the most valuable
  • Biggest deal not in the USA
  • Link between value and duration is strong
  • Financial services, telecoms, cars and airlines lead

The report answers key questions for anyone invloved in considering naming rights:

  • Which two activations should sponsors and rights holders study?
  • Why do some of the world's biggest sponsors shun naming rights?
  • What are the values for similar properties?
  • Which rights holder with a new build turned down $50 million p.a.?
  • How much are competitors earning/spending?
  • Where are the gaps in the market?
  • Which companies spend most on naming rights?
  • How do naming rights vary between sports?
  • How has naming rights developed in BRIC nations?

The report is available as a one-off publication or as part of an annual subscription to Sponsorship Today.

News release: Naming rights worth $750 million per year

Sponsorship Today is a monthly report series providing extensive global sponsorship data and analysis on a specific sector each month.

Sectors include sports properties, countries/regions and sponsoring industries.

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