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Australia & New Zealand sponsorship data analysis report


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The report is the most in-depth analysis of the sports sponsorship market in Australia and New Zealand to date. It lists 1,662 deals with either reported values or estimates to provide the reader with a clear picture of who sponsors which sport and how much they pay. The data is further analysed using 82 charts and tables to show detailed analysis and trends by sport, by industry sector, by company and by international source of sponsorship investment.

Key issues identified include:

  • Australian sponsorship worth $735 million per year
  • New Zealand market worth $145 million
  • Biggest deal in rugby union at $25 million
  • Aussie Rules brings in $135 million
  • Financial services spend less than in most countries
  • Car manufacturers big investors
  • Alcohol still a major player in Australia despite Government programme to replace it
  • Tennis still big earner despite lack of domestic success

The report answers key questions for anyone invloved in sponsorship in either country:

  • What is the sponsorship profile for all major sports?
  • Which global sponsors don't invest?
  • And why this is more important in Australia and New Zealand?
  • Why might doping and match fixing scandals not hurt sponsors?

The report is available as a one-off publication or as part of an annual subscription to Sponsorship Today.

News release: Australia / New Zealand sponsorship worth $880 million

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