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ISBN: 978-1-905685-26-4
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Global opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services to 2022


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The report is an essential sales planning and business development tool for all sports marketing, infrastructure and sports services suppliers seeking to expand internationally.

Originally created for the UK market as an in-depth guide to global opportunities following the commercially successful 2012 Olympic Games, the findings are equally relevant to all sports service companies worldwide.

Author Ardi Kolah discuss opportunities for sports marketing and infrastructure companies

The 257 pages list 55 one-off sporting events in 27 countries across every continent that require the expertise of international suppliers. Apart from marketing and consultancy services, the report also outliness the market potential for sports infrastructure specialists and includes a detailed listing of 149 new stadia projects as well as dozens of temporary structure and facility renovation projects.

Regular sports events such as F1 and major soccer leagues etc already have long-term contracts that generally exclude new business opportunities. These sports events, whilst important, are not included. The sole focus is on new events with a genuine need for new suppliers.

Report benefits

The benefits delivered by this report include:

  • Identifying the new business opportunities
  • Explaining the timescales and bidding processes
  • Reporting/estimating the budgets
  • Highlighting the problems presented in specific markets
  • Detailing the local business cultures
  • Explaining when and where to seek joint-venture partners
  • Analysing the competition
  • Outlining the best approach to secure contracts in each market

In short, the report provides a rapid assessment of the new market potential. It gives companies a major head start in their new business planning and sales strategy. And there is detailed practical advice on how to secure new contracts. With billions of dollars worth of contracts available, the report is essential reading for companies wishing to grow in the following sectors: 

  • Sports marketing
  • Stadium infrastructure
  • Management consulting
  • Media
  • Sports and contract law
  • Ticketing
  • Catering
  • Temporary structures
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Lighting
  • Turfing
  • Sports equipment
  • Logistical support
  • Security
  • Hospitality
  • Merchandising
About the Author

Ardi Kolah BA. LL.M, FCIPR, FCIM

Ardi KolahA marketing and communications practitioner with substantial sports marketing, business and social media experience, Ardi Kolah has worked with some of the world’s most successful organisations including Westminster School, BBC, Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Disney, Ford, Speedo, Shell, The Scout Association, MOBO, WPP, Proctor & Gamble, CPLG, Brand Finance, Genworth Financial, ICC, WHO, Yahoo, Reebok, Pepsi, Reliance, ESPN, Emirates, Government of Abu Dhabi, Brit Insurance, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Defence Academy, Cranfield University, Imperial College and Cambridge University.

He is the author of the best-selling series on sales, marketing and law for Kogan Page, published worldwide in 2013 and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Member of the Public Relations Consultants Association, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors and Chair of its Law and Marketing Committee.

He is a former Board Director of the CIPR and the European Sponsorship Association and holds a master’s degree in international law from King’s College and University College, London.

He can be contacted: +44 (0)208 542 8786+44 (0)208 542 8786 +44(0)77100 77941+44(0)77100 77941

What the experts say

"This report is compelling and comprehensive. It lays out the enormous opportunity the UK has to make even more of a success of our sports marketing industry. As a country, there has never been a more important time to make the most of the world-leading industries we have –to grow our way back to confidence and prosperity. And as the Olympics showed, there has never been a better time either. We need to grasp this chance, rather than see it slip away from us. So decision-makers should study this report with rigour and speed, and resolve to make 2013 the year that the country gets 100% behind the sports marketing industry."

Francis Ingham MPRCA
Director General, Puplic Relations Consultants Association (PRCA), & Executive Director, International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO)

"A valuable guide to the enormous business potential available to UK sponsorship and sport marketing companies on the global stage."

Karen Earl
Chairman, European Sponsorship Association (ESA)

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