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ISBN: 978-1-905685-33-2
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Car industry: Global sponsorship analysis


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The new Sponsorship Today Car Industry sponsorship report lists, values and analyses 503 deals across the world. With 217 charts and tables and detailed analysis of every major car group, the report provides an in-depth, yet easily digestible, overview of sponsorship in the sector.

Key issues identified
  • Who are the biggest spenders?
  • What are the biggest markets?
  • Which sports are the main beneficiaries?
  • Which brands are cutting back?
  • Which are increasing spend?
  • Why Ford, Alfa Romeo and Citroën’s strategy is good news for golf and tennis – even if they don’t buy rights
  • Which industry giants have a clear strategy and which appear to take rights on an ad hoc basis
  • Why rationalisation of sponsorship portfolios is overdue

The report includes a detailed focus on the strategies of the world’s leading 13 manufacturing groups with an examination of the rights taken by their marques.

In total, the sponsorship deals from 57 marques in 45 territories are listed making the report an essential tool for all those working on sponsorship in the car industry. The concise text, combined with graphical data presentation, provides an instant understanding of the market overall as well as detailed specific insights into individual groups, marques, sports and territories. The report identifies opportunites for sponsors and shows competitor activity by sport and territory.

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