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ISBN: 978-1-905685-10-3
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Twenty20 Vision


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A commercial overview of Twenty20 cricket, with best practice analysis, extensive business data and forecasts. The report is a must read for anyone involved in the commercial business of cricket or any sport undergoing major change.

For professional cricket clubs the report shows the strategies required for securing sponsorship. It details how to use community programmes to engage with 100,000 potential fans, increase revenues and develop brand image.

For sponsors, it provides a complete global breakdown of cricket sponsorship data. A major section shows how Standard Bank secured huge benefits from an imaginative activation programme.

The report outlines the business models and revenue streams from new formats such as the IPL, the ICL and the Champions League. Expert comment comes from the pioneers of the new formats.

There is detailed analysis of the commercial side of Twenty20 and its impact on cricket. This includes forecasts of how cricket and its business opportunities will develop over the next decade.

The report answers the key questions facing cricket’s business professionals:
• What is the secret of Twenty20’s appeal?
• Can Twenty20 endure? Will the market be swamped?
• What will happen to Test cricket?
• What are the commercial implications for club cricket?
• What are the commercial opportunities for those involved in the business of cricket?
• Has Twenty20 changed the demographic of cricket's audience?
• How do cricket clubs develop new revenues?
• What should sponsors do to maximise activation programmes?


The report features 120 charts and tables and is the most extensive compilation of commercial data ever produced for the sport. It includes:

• 591 International, national and club sponsorship deals from all major cricketing nations
• Analysis of sponsorship spend by country and industry sector
• International and national TV rights deals from 9 countries
• Live attendance data from ICC events, England, Australia, South Africa and India

About the author

David Smith is a journalist specialising in sport and business reporting who has written on cricket for the Channel 4 website, the Times and Wisden and covered the 2009 Ashes series for Channel 5 online.

He contributes regular business articles for such publications as the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

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