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Driving Business Through Sport


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For anyone seeking activation ideas, or an understanding of the sponsorship process, the report is still essential reading. At 468 pages, Europe’s best selling and most critically acclaimed sponsorship report is a practical guide to the sponsorship industry with more than 40 case studies and every aspect of sponsorship analysed in detail.

1. The market overview

A full statistical analysis of the sports sponsorship industry in Europe. The section includes sponsorship rights deals, analysis of sponsorship spend, television viewing, sports website visits, spectator attendance, TV rights costs and the issues facing sponsorship in Europe.

2. Formulating strategy

· Setting objectives
· Developing a strategy
· Setting a budget

3. Research and evaluation

· The research strategy
· Pre-sponsorship research
· Assessing and valuing the property
· The role of sporting bodies
· Evaluation of success
· Media evaluation

4. Sponsorship types

An analysis of opportunities, best practice and detailed case studies in the major sponsorship types:
· Team sponsorship
· Individual sponsorship
· Event sponsorship
· Venue sponsorship
· Technology sponsorship
· Broadcast sponsorship

5. Major case studies

The most comprehensive case studies yet published in Europe:
· Schweppes and Formula One
· MasterCard and FIFA World Cup
· UPS and the Olympics
· Mercedes Benz and Tennis
· EF and Round the World Sailing
· Guinness and the Rugby World Cup

6. Direct marketing in sport

The section examines how direct marketing can be used by sponsors in their activation programmes.

 7. Special events

Special events, created by sponsors, deliver powerful brand experiences. The chapter provides in-depth case studies to demonstrate the massive potential of the technique.

8. The marketing disciplines

A comprehensive guide to maximising the activation process through marketing disciplines.
· Sales promotion
· Public relations / Photography
· Signage/branding
· Corporate hospitality
· Merchandising

 9. Understanding the risks

· Contracts
· Ambush marketing
· Crisis management
· Insurance

10. Television and new media

An in-depth analysis of television and new media and its implications for sponsors.

About the author

Simon Rines has worked in the marketing communications industry for more than 20 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed three-part report Driving Business Through Sport (edition two) and co-author of Football Sponsorship & Commerce.

He is publisher of The International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship and is a regular commentator on the sponsorship industry at international events and in the media.

He has had articles published in Sport Business, Hollis Sponsorship Newsletter, Marketing Week, Marketing, Campaign, Sunday Business, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Director International, Marketing Business, Sales Promotion and Incentive Today.

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