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Global opportunities for sports marketing and consultancy services
An analysis of global market conditions for sports service suppliers
The report presents the commercial opportunities for sports marketing and sports services companies who operate internationally. It lists the major events in which agencies and infrastructure providers can compete for business and explains the current market conditions, the business culture and the value of contracts.
Ardi Kolah, August 2013
Price:£495,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-26-4
Law report
Expert legal opinion on sponsorship contract issues
Europe's top sports lawyers provide opinion on key issues including morality clauses, incentive structures, conflicting endorsement, ambush marketing, sponsor boycotts, contract termination and more...
Stephan Fabien, September 2010
Price:£495,  ISBN:978-1-905685-26-
DBTS part 3 cover
Driving Business Through Sport - Edition 2, Part 3
Latest sponsorship activation techniques explained. Includes extensive practical advice to sponsors and best practice case studies from around Europe. All sponsorship types and marketing activation methods covered.
Simon Rines, November 2009
Price:£295,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-08-0
Twenty20 report cover
The Commercial Future of Cricket
Analysis of cricket's business models, revenue streams. Most extensive commercial data on cricket published. Case studies show how clubs and sponsors can increase revenues.
David Smith, July 2009
Price:£295,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-10-3
CSR report
Sponsorship is increasingly being used to meet CSR objectives, but so far there is little expert guidance on best practice. This report explains how some of the world's leading exponents of CSR have linked to sport and offers practical advice for both sponsors and rights holders.
Steve Hemsley, March 2009
Price:£295,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-21-9
Driving Business Through Sport Part 2
Driving Business Through Sport - Edition 2, Part 2
Guide to the sponsorship research process. Shows how to develop strategy, calculate rights value, undertake pre-research and measure media value, public attitudes and ROI. Includes how rights holders should present research to sponsors.
Simon Rines, July 2008
Price:£295,  ISBN:978-1-905685-07-3
Driving Business Through Sport - Edition 2, Part 1
Sponsorship, sports media and sports popularity data. Essential reference for those seeking understanding of the business of European sport.
Simon Rines, October 2007
Price:£295,  ISBN:978-1-905685-06-6
Football S
Analysis of commercial opportunities for football clubs and sponsors with expert comment and best practice case studies from around Europe.
Louella Miles, December 2004
Price:£495,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-00-4
An analysis of Europe's sports sponsorship industry, business opportunities and best practice
Europe's most critically acclaimed sponsorship report includes 40 case studies and detailed practical advice on how to maximise sponsorship programmes.
Simon Rines, December 2000
Price:£295,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-01-1
Car spons
Analysis of automotive industry sponsorship
Report lists and analyses 503 deals from the world's leading automotive manufacturers
Volume 2 Number 2, April 2015
Price:£495,  ISBN:978-1-905685-33-2
                           European soccer sponsorship 2014/15
An analysis of European soccer club sponsorship
New report lists and analyses 1179 deals from clubs in Europe's leading six leagues
Volume 2, Number 1, September 2014
Price:£495,  ISBN:978-1-905685-31-
Analysis of cricket sponsorship around the world
788 deals listed and analysed from all cricket playing nations
Volume 1, Number 8 , November 2013
Price:£495,  ISBN:
Sponsorship market analysis in Australia & New Zealand
1,662 deals from Australia and New Zealand listed with reported or estimated values and in-depth market analysis
Volume 1, Number 7 , June 2013
Price:£495,  ISBN: 978-1-90568527-1
Sponsorship Today naming rights
Analysis of naming rights sponsorship deals and trends
548 deals listed with analysis of data, key trends and forecasts
Volume 1, Number 6, April 2013
Price:£495,  ISBN: 978-1-905685-28-8
Beer spons
Analysis of beer sponsorship deals and trends
More than 400 deals listed and analysed
Volume 1, Number 5 , January 2013
Price:£495,  ISBN:2050-4888
Analysis of sponsorship of international sports federations
More than 400 deals analysed from 52 international sports federations including IOC, FIFA, UEFA, FOM and
Volume 1, Number 4, December 2012
Price:£495,  ISBN:2050-4888
 Brazil sponsorship report
The sports sponsorship market in Brazil
Analysis of the sports sponsorship market in Brazil
Volume 1, Number 3, September 2012
Price:£495,  ISBN:2050-4888
An analysis of airline sponsorship deals and trends
Report list more than 260 deals globally with 34 charts and tables to analyse trends, strategies and forecasts.
 Volume 1 Number 2, August 2012
Price:£495,  ISBN:2050-4888
Sponsorship Today
Sponsorship Today July 2012
Analysis of primary shirt sponsorship deals in Europe's major leagues
Volume 1 Number 1, July 2012
Price:£395,  ISBN:2050-4888
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