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Global opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services to 2022

Table of Contents

About the report
Executive summary
   Key recommendations

Section 1: Evolving capabilities of  UK sports marketing and consultancy services   Sample: Evolving capabilities of UK sports marketing & consultancy services

  Section 1.1: Description of the UK sector

          Size of the UK sector
          Sports marketing agencies and advisors 
          Marketing services providers
          Infrastructure, technology and logistics providers
          Role of sports bodies
          Role of Government
          Role of brands
          Role of sports fans

  Section 1.2: Thriving but highly fragmented sector

          Consolidation within UK sector over next 9 years 
          Domestic and global balance of sports marketing and consultancy business
          Saturated and unsaturated sports markets
          Future opportunities for growth of UK sector over next 9 years

  Section 1.3: Content is King

          Convergence of sport and entertainment at the heart of the sector
          Multi-sports events continue to deliver global audiences for brand owners
          Increasing power of sports events rights holders in the sector
          Increasing power of sports stars in the sector

  Section 1.4: London 2012 Olympic Games effect on growth of the UK sector

          ‘Host nation’ impact in Brazil, Middle East, Turkey and Russia
             Middle East
           Export of UK sector know-how, expertise and experience across the globe 
           UK sector’s efforts in ‘flying the flag’ in global markets

  Section 1.5: Main growth drivers for UK sector over next decade

          Number of major sports events across the world over this period
          Breakdown of incremental new business opportunities for UK sector (2013-2022)
          Operational and infrastructure budgets in Qatar, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and France
          Emerging economies desire for higher global profile through sport / entertainment
          Attraction of sponsorship as global marketing, comms and sales platform
          Increasing global power of women consumers
          Importance of UK sector track record in the wake of the success of London 2012 Games
          Innovations in UK sector in sustainability, transportation and logistics management
          The UK sector’s global leadership in football will strengthen over the next 9 years
          Growth of the ‘entertainment economy’ is fuelling expansion of the UK sector

  Section 1.6: Estimated level of turnover of UK sector 2013-22
  Section 1.7: Macro-economic factors

           UK economy
           Global economy

  Section 1.8: Barriers to growth of UK sector

           Barriers to growth for small UK sports marketing and consultancy firms
              Finding the right partners to collaborate with
              Scarcity of resources
              Legal frameworks in different countries
              The absence of an ‘intelligent buyer’
              Competing against suppliers willing to work for no fee or heavily subsidised fee
           Barriers to growth for medium size UK sports marketing and consultancy firms
              Size and strength of international competition
              Educating clients to consider operational issues that much earlier in planning process
              Working with time constraints
              Fragmentation of the UK sector can hinder business development
           Barriers to growth for large UK sports marketing and consultancy firms
              Lack of major sports events being hosted in the UK
              Lack of integration when new businesses are merged or acquired
              Need to keep ‘feet on the street’
              Hidden ‘closed shop’ and other activities in regional markets
              Changing nature of the sector
              Taxation of profits earned outside the UK
              UK taxation and cost of living

  Section 1.9: Employment prospects within UK sector

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